Thursday, December 12, 2013

Reflection Time

2013 is almost gone. I had totally forgotten about my blog until I clicked on a link in a friend's e-mail. It took me to her blog. Thought...what happened to my blog? It's still here; I've just not been showing up. I took a look at previous posts and noticed the one entitled "Goals." Let's see how I did: 

1. Read the Bible in it's entirety. I've read 20% of it in 15 days. Completed
2. Do a joint Bible study with the hubby. We started one this week.  Well, we started one together, but we haven't finished it yet.
3. Attempt to let my husband be the head of our household. I'm really struggling on this one. I think I'm going to fail.....I am giving it a valiant effort. I now acknowledge my husband as head of house. 
4. Prepare myself for a career change. I meet someone tomorrow to work on that. I quit my job, and I should be studying for this test next Friday to pursue my degree in financial planning. 
5. Lose 30 lbs and focus on being healthy. I'm down 11 lbs, but I think I've hit a plateau already. Sigh. Okay...I did lose 30 lbs, but I put 15 back on. It does not take much for me to gain weight, but at least when I get started I can do it. My goal is to net -20 lbs before the end of the year. 
6. Call my Grandma at least once a month. I always have such great conversations with her. Ooh...this was a goal, huh? Put this on my reminder list. 
7. Become better equipped financially. Working on it (Debt Slayers 2013)! We're Debt FREEEEEEEE!!!!!! We also have a 6 months emergency fund with an additional $7k toward a home. What what?! 
8. Show love to people more often. Volunteering more often would be a great start. I should stop to talk to Clayton and Freddie more often. (I think Freddie may be crushing on me. He gives me that "Hey Gurl!" wave in the mornings and then asks for change. He could just want the money.....) I no longer see Clayton and Freddie in the morning since the move. However, I'm not volunteering like I want. It will be on the list for 2014.  
9. Worry less. Child boo! I do love and trust you Lord, but you know your child. Still working on this. 
10. Cook more. Read comment above. 
11. Do something with my hair! I've been rocking the same style since I've been natural. I guess I'm overdue for a change. I really and truly am over hair. I just could not care less. I'm cutting it after winter. Why spend my life dealing with this madness?!?!?

Okay so 5 (two adding up to .5 each) out of 11. Not the score card I wanted, but the major things were accomplished. Goals are necessary in life. I used to hate the idea of resolutions, but I see the purpose in writing them down on January 1st. It gives us something to at least think about and work towards. If nothing else, we have to work on not procrastinating or being inconsistent since our lists are probably very similar to previous lists. I don't know what I want for 2014, but me and the hubs will sit down and figure it out. Until then, I'm going to enjoy the free time, family, friends, and fun.  Did you like my alliteration? Lol 

Merry Christmas!!!