Monday, July 21, 2014


the meaning of the word friend has lost so much of it's value. last night, dan and i were discussing what it means to be a friend. we pretty much agreed that they can be a confidant, provider of joy (and sorrow at times), but overall they are a person who wants the best for you. they want more for you than you can even imagine, and they motivate you to be a better person. my friend circle has always been small. i look at it now, and i see that it shrank without me even noticing it. it is not a loss.

dear Lord,
thank you for those who continue to love me, comfort me, and bless me in ways that i can not even fathom. grant me the wisdom to recognize friend from foe. help me to be the person i want to be. help me to be understanding in those moments when i'm hurt. help me in this moment right now to release all things that hinder my journey and keep me separated from your love.